Facility Overview

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The world-class Cannon Center for the Performing Arts officially opened to rave reviews in January 2003. The 2,100-seat multi-purpose facility is the home of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra and hosts a multitude of other events including ballet, opera, pop and jazz concerts, touring theatrical productions, children's theater and general sessions for conventions in the Memphis Cook Convention Center.

Ground Floor Plan

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Parterre Floor Plan

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Technical Specifications

Cannon Center Theater Dimensions

  • Loading Dock Doors: 10'w x 16'h
  • Dock Height: 4'
  • Push to stage: 105'
  • Control Booth to Plaster Line: 100'
  • F.O.H. Mix Position to Plaster Line: 75'
  • 1st Cove (Symphony) to Plaster Line: 95'
  • 2nd Cove to Plaster Line: 110'
  • F.O.H. Mezzanine Rail to Plaster Line: 84'
  • F.O.H. Balcony Rail to Plaster Line: 91'
  • Proscenium: 55'w x 40'h
  • Plaster Line to Upstage: 45'
  • Stage Lifts at Centerline: 25'-1"
    • Upstage: 10'-9"
    • Downstage: 14'-4"
    • Stage Depth including both pits: 75'
  • Stage Height from House Floor: 3'-6"
  • Stage Left Wing: 17' x 45'
  • Stage Right Wing: 35' x 45'
  • Grid Height: 86'-6"
  • High Steel: 98'
  • Batten Working Height: 3'
  • Batten Working Weight: 1700lbs (-425lbs batten weight)
  • Batten Length: 75'
  • Masking Opening: 55'
  • Projection Platform (Mezz Rail) to Plaster Line: 85'
  • Projection Platform (Mezz Rail) to Center Stage: 105'
  • Projection Platform (Mezz Rail) to Upstage: 130'

Stage Dimensions

  • Proscenium opening: 55' wide x 40' tall. This is the maximum opening intended for symphony performances, but the visual opening can be masked-down using soft goods. 
  • Stage Depth: 50' from the plaster line to the back wall, but only 45' is usable space to to symphony shell storage on US wall. 
  • Stage width: 121' between the fly rail (stage left) and the stage right wall. 
  • Gridiron height: 86'6" - Gridiron deck is a 3" channel, spaced 6" on center.

Box Office and Ticketing

  • Ticket sales and advertising are restricted until the License Agreement is signed and deposit is recorded in the Administration Office of the Memphis Cook Convention Center. 
  • At all times, the Cannon Center reserves the authority, power and right to control the box office, including, but not limited to, ticket printing, ticket personnel and ticket sales revenue. The Cannon Center will order the tickets and/or create the event through TicketMaster, the exclusive in-house ticketing, distribution and reporting system. 
  • The Cannon Center reserves the right to have and use without charge a minimum of thirty (30) tickets for each performance. Such complimentary tickets shall be of the Cannon Center's choice and will be retained by the Cannon Center at its office at least ten (10) working days before the first day of the event. All tickets furnished to the Cannon Center should be choice seats. 
  • The Cannon Center reserves the right to control the number of complimentary passes and/or tickets given out by Promoter. 
  • The Cannon Center will hold twenty-two (22) seats located in the Mezzanine Box for the purpose of relocation, sight issues, and ADA issues.